Rapper Donzy Chaka Welcomes His New Twin Babies

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Donzy Chaka and his NewTwin Babies

Donzy Chaka and his NewTwin Babies

Not everyone get the chance to be a father and let alone be the father of twins. Many have become sperm donors or just sperm producers and never know where their kids are or who they are, some also send the cheque because that’s all that matters others too couldn’t take up their responsibilities so they denied their child. But not in the case of Donzy Chaka.

The Odehyie singer just posted a picture of himself and two babies on the bed with him, they happen to be twins a boy and a girl named Ailan Edvin Essel and Aila Estelle Essel. The Tema based rapper is really not getting the much sleep he really wants because babies need care 24/7 and here’s what the rapper had to say about parenthood.
“Parenthood is a unique journey that not everyone has the good fortune of experiencing .. Everyone meet Ailan and Aila .. Ailan Edvin Essel and Aila Estelle Essel.. Those who will be tapping into my blessing should get ready for sleepless nights smh.”

he posted.

It’s quite obvious the rapper is not sleeping as much as he used to now that he is a father of twins.





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