3 Music Awards: Prayers from the team to National Chief Imam made a turn – Baba Sadiq reveals

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3 Music

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) for 3 Music, Sadiq Abdulai Abu has opened up on how the National Chief Imam put prayers to God to save 3 Music Awards after a significant misfortune.

Before the 3 Music Awards the main show started, the occasion had to be on hold for several minutes.

As indicated by the Chief Executive Officer, the equipment(mixer) in the OB Van had gone off completely and the reinforcement mixer likewise did not work as well.

According to Sadiq, he almost lost his grounds because he knew the sudden incident will affect the entire production.

Sadiq Abdulai who was talking on Accra-based OKAY FM demonstrated that he had to call his dad to approach the Chief Imam for prayers to be said for the entire team and production at 3 Music Awards.

Despite the fact that it was late in the night his dad obliged and contacted the Chief Imam.

The group working on the production he said likewise went on their knees to appeal to God for a marvel since both their primary arrangement and the contingency plan were misfiring.

“I went into my car to pray, Tony and co went to pray. Tony said everybody should go and pray. I went into my car to also pray. So whiles praying my dad called me and said it was a temporal setback and that everything will come to normal and we will come back great. So a few minutes later one of the guys came and hit the car to tell me we are back. Fortunately, the guy who did the OB Van is an investor so he was speaking to the technicians within the 40 minutes to one hour when we were off,” he told Abeiku Santana.

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