3Music Awards Fan Fest Postponed

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3Music, Fan Fest, 3Music Fan Fest

Organizers of 3Music Fan Fest have announced that the maiden edition of the 3Music Fan Fest has been canceled until further notice.

The event was scheduled to be held at the Accra Polo Grounds and would have featured over 30 mainstream and upcoming acts for a day’s fun-filled event-driven strictly by their fans.

Below is a statement from the organizers;

“After consultations in the past few hours, 3Media Networks, and its key partners Multimedia Broadcasting group, EandE Ghana, Fantasy Entertainment, the board and sponsors, have decided not to go ahead with Saturday’s Fan Fest at the Accra Polo Grounds due to the confirmed cases of the Corona Virus in Ghana.

As a forward-thinking organization that prioritizes the safety and well being of its patrons, this we believe, is the most humane decision to take.

This decision is also meant to complement ongoing precautionary efforts by the state and other interested organizations.

The Fan Fest will now be held at the earliest in April.

Further details with regard to the main awards night will be communicated in the next few days.

Sadiq Abdulai Abu

Founder, 3Music Awards”

3Music, Fan Fest, 3Music Fan Fest

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