9 Shocking Revelations That Bullet Has Made About Ebony’s Father And How Greedy He Is

Ebony, Bullet, Father
Bullet, Ebony and Mr Opoku Kwarteng

Shots are being fired and only the strongest gets to survive. Counteracting the allegations made by father of late Ebony Reigns, Mr Opoku Kwarteng, Bullet has made nine shocking revelations on how greedy Ebony’s father has been.

On Sunday, your number 1 gossip hub reported on claims made by Nana Opoku Kwarteng that Bullet gave him Ghc2000 out of the initial Ghc39,999 profit he made from a concert that was organized for the late Ebony Reigns.

In relation to this, the CEO of Rufftown records has released a long note on his Facebook page which reveals nine greedy endeavours of the father of late Ebony reigns and how selfish he has been. In the post which was made by Ricky Nana Agyeman, disbelief is an understatement as what it reveals is indeed shocking.

Bullet revealed he was the lead planner of the funeral of his deceased artiste, claiming he went round to look for funds for the funeral only for the father of the deceased to take all the money without saying thank you to him (Bullet).

Remember there was a cloth that was designed purposely for Ebony’s funeral? Yes, Bullet has revealed the man’s greed went as far as taking more percentage of the cloth deal which forced him(Bullet) to give his percentage to the man.

It doesn’t end there; he also claims he didn’t take a dime from the Ohio Tribute Concert which was organized in the name of his artiste. He reveals spending over Ghc5000 on the funeral but hasn’t mentioned it to anyone or demanded for payment to be done.

According to the CEO of Rufftown records, he wrote 95% of Ebony’s songs on her album of which by law the female singer is supposed to earn between 10 to 20% royalties but he gave her 40%. Surprisingly, a few weeks ago, Ebony’s dad received USD 9300 (GHC 44,919) from online royalties.

With all these shocking revelations made, partners of Rufftown Records, Midas Touch who have been sidelined by Ebony’s dad in his dealings are yet to speak on the issue.

However, Ricky Nana Agyeman after exposing Ebony’s dad has asked him to TAKE EVERYTHING.


1.i went round looking for funds to support the funeral bola ray is my witness. all the money they donated you took all and didn’t even say thank you bullet(remember these are ppl you don’t know from anywhere but my own ppl who wanted to support cos of me

2.There was a cloth deal and you wanted more percentage so I gave you 10percent of my share.you didn’t say thank you

3.vgma award money I was entitled to my percentage but I gave all to you,you didn’t say thank you
4.ohio tribute concert I didn’t take my percentage I gave all to you,still you didn’t say thank you

5.the funeral I spent over 5000 cedis being payment of bands men.you didn’t say thank you and I didn’t even ask you to give it back to me from all the cash ppl donated cos I was doing for ohemaa

6.tribute concert you brought your men to check the gate proceeds ,whatever we made was counted by the bank in presence of your men,kasapreko and rufftown.everything was transparent so why come attack me?

7.i wrote and own 95 percent of ebony’s album.by law ebony is suppose to earn between 10-20 percent royalties but I gave her 40percent

8.few weeks ago you received 9300 us dollars from online royalties and you still going round saying bullet is cheating when i hv given u 40percent of my own right instead of 10 or 20percent?

9.you have sidelined Midas touch my partners but they will soon come and talk!

What do you make of this?

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