Movie producer Abdul Salam Mumuni speaks about $700,000 suit

Abdul Salam Mumuni, Venus Films

Renowned Ghanaian movie producer, Abdul Salam Mumuni was reported to be caught in the web of alleged movie theft and as a result, was reported that he and his production house Venus Films has been sued by another company to the tune of $700,000.

In a press statement penned by the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Alhaji Abdul Salam Mumin and forwarded to, he said he dealt directly with the director and producer, Frank Fifi Gharbin, of the movie, to whom he paid the agreed amount for the right to distribute the movie to the appropriate market using giants like Iroko TV.

From the statement released, the production company took the time to explain the dealing that went with Frank.

Venus Film Production has over the years been celebrated for publishing record-breaking movies like ‘The Hunters’, ‘Bloodline’, ‘Bachelors’, ‘Heart of Men’, the list is endless.

Read below:

23RD  August, 2018



Our attention have been drawn to a press release dated 22nd August, 2018 by PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT signed by its C.E.O, One Mr. NANA KWABENA ADU ACHEAMPONG claiming the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of VENUS FILMS PRODUCTION (ALHAJI ABDUL SALAM MUMUNI) had stolen and sold his movie Titled: “PERFECT LOVE”.

We like to state categorically that such a pronouncement is quiet unfortunate and untrue as such, we would want to state the following;

  1. Venus films production and it E.O had no direct dealings with Mr. NANA KWABENA ADU ACHEAMPONG and his company, but dealt directly with the Director and Producer of the movie in the person of FRANK FIFI GHARBIN, who presented the said movie title’s master copy on a pen drive sent to VENUS FILMS


  1. FRANK FIFI  GHARBIN  begged  and  granted  ALHAJI  ABDUL  SALAM  MUMUNI the   consent        to   help   sell   the   right         of   two   titles (BLACK MONKEY & PERFECT LOVE) to IROKO TV whom ALHAJI ABDUL SALAM MUMUNI is the country representative, off which FRANK FIFI GHARBIN has been duly paid for the movie Title: BLACK MONKEY.

Hence with  these  facts    ALHAJI  ABDUL  SALAM  MUMUNI     couldn’t    have stolen Mr. NANA KWABENA ADU ACHEAMPONG„s movie for any reason be it of malicious intent.

We like to state also that the deliberate attempt of Mr. NANA KWABENA ADU ACHEAMPONG to tarnish the much earned reputation of ALHAJI ABDUL SALAM MUMUNI is highly disingenuous with his statement of theft to a case currently before the Court of Law to quickly make such acquisitions.

VENUS FILMS PRODUCTION and our CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER would keep our doors open to everyone who is willing to do Good business with us , as we have done all these years with others in truth and fairness.

Thank you for the attention.

Yours Sincerely

Abdul Salam Mumuni


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