Abeiku Santana and Evangelist Addai in a heated Duel

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Abeiku Santana

Award winning Radio and Television host, Fiifi Aggrey Santana popularly known as Abeiku Santana has been in a battle with known Facebook teacher Evangelist Addai, who lives in the U.S.A.

It all began when the Evangelist alleged that the Santana in Abeiku‘s name is that of a cult name that represents Satan in a coded form.

Also, not long ago, he uploaded a video on Facebook explaining how The Radio and TV host killed his daughter, who had a whole in heart and bodyguard who was shot in the head for sacrifice to the Illuminati cult.

He further said Abeiku Santana was about to offer his wife for sacrifice when she got to know and divorced him.
Abeiku Santana in contrast came to debunk the allegations and said they were all null and void.

The host of “ATUU” show on UTV said the Evangelist was someone who was sick in the head when he was in Ghana and due to that, he was sacked from KNUST where he schooled. Santana then countered again by saying that, the Evangelist had no job in the States and was using this avenue to generate money on his videos from his monetized YouTube Channel.

Since last year, Evangelist Addai has found it a hobby by tagging almost all the Ghanaian celebrities as associated with cults or Illuminati.

Watch Evangelist Addai above;

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