“Actors are suffering, Cultural companies are crying but there is hope” – Ola Michael

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Ola Michael, Mark Okraku Mantey, Creative Arts Council

Popular movie producer and entertainment critic Ola Michael has sent a direct message to the Creative Arts Council specifically to the President of the Creative Arts Council, Mark Okraku Mantey.

Yesterday, Mr. Okraku-Mantey spoke on the state of the creative arts sector under the Akufo-Addo administration and has admitted that the processes involved in making a decision in governance could frustrate officials especially if they have not received any form of tuition or orientation on how different the system is compared to running a private business.

In a banter of Mr. Mark’s speech on HitzFm, Ola Micheal has lamented hardly on issues going on in the Creative Arts Council and has mentioned the industry has not achieved much yet.

Actors are suffering, film producers are suffering. Event organizers are crying, Cultural companies are crying. Barbers are suffering, bead makers are also suffering. Musicians are struggling. But you know what, there is hope.

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