Most Actresses Star In Movies Because They Need Husbands – Ola Michael

Ola Michael
Ola Michael

Movie producer and former Public Relations Officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Ola Michael has revealed that most actresses star in movies because they are in search of men.

From the beginning of the year there have been several discussions on content, quality and talents that used to make the industry lively and vibrant as it used to but are no more.

The argument has been whether the current actors and actresses on social media and screens joined the industry with their talent or used stunts to seek attention for their own benefits. Others have also questioned the importance of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI).

Saturday’s discussion was focused on female celebrities who have cried out over marital issues.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show hosted by Kwasi Aboagye, Ola Michael who was a pundit on the show, he revealed that most men are moved by the things they see hence women should be allowed to advertised themselves.

Making his submissions, Ola stated that every woman needs a man in her life- citing an example to his grandmum who was 85yrs old but still found herself in a relationship. He revealed that men call producers to ask about actresses just to hang out with.

 “When we are shooting movies people call us from Abroad, we sometimes think they want to market our movies for us, but to our surprise they ask of the number of one beautiful lady who starred in the movie. Most women come into the movie industry just to find the right man to marry”, he revealed.

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