Afghan Minister becomes food delivery man in Germany after the Taliban took over the country

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A former Afghan minister has resorted to being a food delivery man to survive after moving to Germany.

Sayed Sadaat was a former Communications and Technology minister who served in the Afghan government for two years before retiring in 2018.

According toFrance 24, Sadaat moved to Germany in September 2020 and he tried to get a good job in vain majorly due to language barrier.

The holder of IT and communications degrees said he settled for working as a food delivery man as he needed to pay bills, a job he is doing to date.

He said some of his familymembers were not impressed by his choice of work given he served as a top government official but for him, his soul is at peace. The Afghan delivers food on his bike, donning his orange work uniform.

This came in the wake of the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the capital Kabul.

On Sunday, August 15, 2021, gun-toting Taliban fighters stormed President Ashraf Ghani’s palaceand put it under their control, forcing the head of state to scamper for his safety.

US President Joe Bidensaid his administration would not repeat his predecessors’ mistakes after the United States’ troops started getting withdrawn from Afghanistan.

The troops were deployed in Afghanistan 20 years ago to capture all those who attacked the US on September 11, 2001.

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