Afia Schwar describes Delay in few words

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Afia Schwarzenegger, Afia Schwar

Comedienne Afia Schwar has said that Deloris Frimpong Manso known popularly as Delay is the most stingy human being she has ever met in her life.

According to her, she will rather build a relationship with a poor person than a stingy person because the poor person will give when he/she has but a stingy person will not.

She then indicated that her choice of a poor individual is because of her relationship with Delay who because she didn’t want to spend told her that they were on a slimming course and will not eat meanwhile when she bought food with money, Delay joined her in eating.

“I will choose a poor person because such a person will want to give you some money when he/she gets. I won’t choose a stingy person because of my experience with Delay. She is the most stingy person I’ve ever met in my life. Because she will buy food for me to eat, she will say we are on a slimming course. But when I buy food with my money she will eat.”

Meanwhile, Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed the condition(s) that will make her show up on one of Ghana’s undoubtedly best TV shows, The Delay Show hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso-Delay.

According to her, the only thing that will make her sit with Delay for an interview is Money. She explains that the moment can only be possible only if someone offers to pay her big money to appear on the Delay Show.

Afia made these remarks while speaking in an interview with Angel FM’s Okyeame Quophi on the ‘Drive Time Show’. Hilariously she chipped in that she can even sit with Satan for an interview when offered money.

Since time immemorial, Afia Schwar and Delay have not been on good terms. The two still have some long-standing unfinished business to settle.

A few years back Afia Schwar and Delay were very close friends. The duo’s relationship in the public space was the best. Afia Schwarznegger was acting in the Delay produced TV series, “Afia Schwarznegger”.

The series came to a sudden pause when Afia Schwarznegger came out and reportedly asserted that Delay didn’t treat her well. That led to the heated argument between Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger.

Following this ‘beef’, the two popular and controversial media celebrities have been bashing and throwing shades at each other at the least chance.

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