South Africa to host Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST) for 5 years

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Big Events Ghana, event organizers of the prestigious continental gospel awards event, Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST) has announced South Africa as the new host for five years [2020 to 2025].

At a press conference held on Wednesday, February 12, at the Alisa Hotel, the Chief Executive Officer of Big Events Ghana, Prince Mackay disclosed that the purpose on which AGAFEST was founded was to promote unity amongst gospel artistes across Africa.

This, the organizers noted, follows the reason why AGAFEST 2020 would be hosted in South Africa.

Mackay indicated that other African countries will get the opportunity to also host the annual gospel awards event as agreed by the organizing committee.

“The vision of AGAFEST is to reach out to all gospel stars in all Africa nations to promote one purpose which is to celebrate and acknowledge the excellence of gospel talents. It is in this regard that South Africa has accepted the hosting right for five years. AGAFEST is to reward integrity, hard work and excellence of gospel acts, also driving towards soul winning and empowering Christians to proclaim the gospel globally.” Prince Mackay added

Ayanda Ncwane, the CEO of Ncwane Communications was announced as the new president of AGAFEST-South Africa.

In her speech, Ncwane indicated that it is time gospel artistes claimed their rightful positions in the industry.

“I always say apart from Superman, Batman and Deadman, I honestly believe that Gospel artistes are the real Super Heroes. “Gospel music is the only genre that gives hope and resonant people from their challenges,” she said

Advising the gospel fraternity, the widow of multi-award-winning top South African gospel musician, composer and producer, Sfiso, Ncwane stated gospel artistes should not be apologetic about the gospel and claim their rightful positions in their communities.

“AGAFEST for me is one of the main reasons I decided that this platform is the greatest in Africa to break down those boundaries together. Individually no one can win but together we can.  Gospel music in Africa is the living genre.” Ncwane added

Gospel musicians irrespective of their country of origin and the language they speak can transcend to other African countries with their music.

Ncwane disclosed that the AGAFEST platform would be a channel to help get other African gospel music on other African countries’ platforms and collaborate with their gospel stars as well.

“Let’s break down the boundary that separates us and divide us and become one Africa through the AGAFEST platform.” She noted

The representative from the South African High Commission to Ghana, Ms. Matepe indicated that Ghana handing over the AGAFEST baton to South Africa to host for five years shows a strong bond between them.

She noted that AGAFEST platform would be used to promote cultural diversity and tourism among the African States.

The maiden edition of Africa Gospel Awards Festival [AGAFEST] was hosted in Ghana in March 2019.

The event, scheduled for October 30, 2020, is to be known as the biggest gospel awards festival in Africa, AGAFEST South Africa 2020, will have main awards programme and other events.

Activities scheduled to precede the main awards ceremony include the main launch in Ghana in May and another launch in South Africa and other Africa countries, a seminar for stakeholders in the gospel fraternity.

Personalities and Gospel musicians present at the press briefing included Rev. Thomas Yawson, Archbishop Mike Odafe (President of Charismatic Churches of Nigeria), MOG, Kofi Karikari, Kingzkid, Preachers, Nat Abbey, Jon Winner, Ken Fiati, Kojo Preko Dankwa and many others.

The event seeks to recognize the immense contributions of gospel talents, activities, missions and outreach and evangelism within the African Gospel and Christian group/fraternity.

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