ALUTA: Details Of Fuse ODG’s ‘Kalabule’ Contract With eShun And Others Leaked.

Fuse Odg and eShun

Songstress eShun and management recently accused Fuse ODG of giving them a contract which they described as a ‘rip-off’ and a bad deal.

The musician in her recent interviews disclosed that her management has complained to the ‘Antenna’ singer, Fuse about the details of the agreement but he has given death ears to their plea which has delayed the song she together with Feli Nuna and Selasi recorded for ‘New Africa’ team.

“It was a bad contract and I’m not the only one. Feli Nuna hasn’t signed hers. And from the last time I spoke with Selassie, she also had issues with the contract so we told Fuse it isn’t right so we asked that some changes be done” eShun told Hitz FM days back.

But Fuse ODG responding to eShun’s displeasure about the contract on the same platform with Andy Dosty made it clear that he knows nothing about eShun’s case since she has not personally told him.

“I wanna create a platform for other countries to listen to Ghanaian music. The idea is to have a different artiste on a song. I don’t know about eShun not being happy about the contract. The lawyer has to go through it and they get back to me”, he said.

After several rants on different media platforms about the deal, a copy of the contract believed to be the one Fuse ODG gave the three females has been leaked.

The details of the contract has been leaked and a part of it said eShun and each of the two female musicians would earn $1000, a section of the deal eShun’s management believes it is ‘kalabule‘.

In a video that went viral the singer had wanted to talk about this same contract but her manager prevented her from doing that. Well here we are.

Check this out:

The Contract
The Contract


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