Angel Obinim the Man with Coronavirus oil, wears gloves and mask for consultation

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Angel Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim, now Angel Obinim is more than ‘scared’ of the deadly coronavirus as he has been seen in a hilarious photo observing the safety measures.

Angel Obinim, a spiritual man of God, a few days ago stood before his congregation to announce that he has landed on the cure for coronavirus.

Not long after the video went viral did he – in another video – debunk his own claims that the ‘fake is news’, to wit, the news on his cure for the virus is fake.

The latest photo proves the man of God, unlike others, is not letting the pandemic take his daily bread from him as he continues to organize a counseling and consultation service.

The man of God who claims to be an angel on earth was seen in a photograph wearing a mask and a pair of gloves– with two members of his church seated in front of him, for what seems to be one of his routine meeting sessions.

See picture below;


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