Photos: Anointing falls at Joe Mettle’s Atmosphere of Miracles Concert

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Joe Mettle’s Atmosphere of Miracles

The 7thedition of Joe Mettle’s gospel concert, Praiz Reloaded, held on Sunday 24that the Action Chapel International was a huge success.

Thousands of patrons from diverse backgrounds filled the over 3000 seated capacity auditorium and joined in the “Atmosphere of Miracles” worship experience.

The show, which started at 5:30 pm, lasted for about 4 hours with sensational performances from Luigi Maclean, Uncle Ato, Simiane, Onos Ariyo, Akesse Brempong, Kingzkid, Areatha Anderson and the man of the night Joe Mettle. Joe Mettle is indeed an all-round musician; his entry was full of energy, the worship session was also an inspiring and life changing experience, engaging the crowd throughout the event.

The surprise performance for the night was by Ghana’s undisputed best traditional gospel band, Soul Winners. Joe Mettle, who is a former member of the band, took time to honor Soul Winners and expressed how tremendous their influence has been to his life and his music. The group performed their songs and later invited Joe to join them do their hit song “Aboloo”, originally led by Joe Mettle.

The Archbishop Duncan-Williams, to everyone’s surprise walked into the auditorium and joined the service. He later mounted the stage to pray for Joe Mettle and his team as well as all gathered at the event. The concert theme, “Atmosphere of Miracles” couldn’t have been more personalized.

Joe Mettle’s Atmosphere of Miracles

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