Article Wan Wacks Patapaa Too, Calls Him A ‘Dog”

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With the growing fantasy for beef in the industry, Patapaa Amisty and Article Wan have been the latest to add up to the list.

In an interview, Patapaa confidently claimed that Article Wan wasn’t that much relevant till he decided to revive his career by partnering with him on several songs like ‘Enemies’, ‘One leg’, and their major hit single, ‘That Thing’.

Patapaa added that after shooting video for Article Wan he served him with dog food which he refused to eat.

Reacting to Patapaa’s allegations on the same platform, Article Wan said he has no idea what he (Patapaa) is talking about.

I have no idea what Patapaa is talking about, and I don’t know who served him that dog food but looking at his hairstyle he looks like one.


The ‘That Thing’ singer said Patapaa is older than him but he should also remember that he (Article Wan) came to the game before Patapaa.

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