Artiste don’t follow protocol – George Quaye blames musicians

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George Quaye, Charterhouse

Now board member and former public relations officer of Charterhouse Ghana, Mr. George Quaye has stated that the public should not blame Charterhouse totally on every mistake that happens.

George Quaye in a meeting with the press at Alisa Hotel mentioned that some artiste does not follow protocol and end up jamming up scripts been prepared by the event house for all patrons to follow.

The protocol team goes through sleepless nights just to ensure that everything is in order. I have personally have to fight artiste just for them to follow protocol. Sometimes, an artiste is coming to perform just one song, you will need them to give you what exactly they want to do on stage so that creatively you as the event house can make an input into it and for the artiste to give you that, it’s a problem.

Mr. Quaye went on to mention that, Charterhouse scripts every bit of performance down for the VGMAs. He continued to mention that, the miscommunication between the artist and the organizers leads to the issues that stand out as falls for the VGMAs.

Watch the full video below;

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