Ashantis Are Not The Originators Of Highlife Music – Renowned Music Scholar schools Jupitar

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Highlife - Professor John Collins
Professor John Collins

Professor John Collins has discredited Jupitar’s claims that Highlife Music is solely Ashanti Music and therefore it is not representative enough to be called Ghanaian music.

Last month, Reggae/Dancehall artiste Jupitar in an attempt to defend his genre of music in an interview with Joy FM’s Doreen Andoh on the Cosmopolitan Mix, the reggae artiste stated that Highlife music is Ashanti music hence cannot be used as a general genre for Ghanaian music.

Highlife - Jupitar

Glory be to God! The renowned author on Ghanaian music revealed that the origin of Highlife music has Fantes and GAs as the early composers and not Ashantis as Jupitar claims.

“There is a big fight now going on about where high-life comes from, and Jupitar was saying that it is Ashanti, no its not Ashanti. The originated in Fante and GA”, he told Doreen Andoh.

He also noted that ‘Jama’ music from the hinterlands which Jupitar referred to as original Ghanaian music has elements of highlife. Professor John Collins revealed that Azonto also has some high-life elements in it.

“The jama beats are highlife beats, so whether its azonto or hiplife, they actually have high-life in there, whether they like it or not”, he told Doreen Andoh on the Cosmopolitan mix.

He advised that Ghanaians should hold on to highlife and never loose it to Nigerians who are staking claims to the genre. He concluded by stating that the word ‘Highlife’ was invented in Ghana in the year 1920, partly to the Fante coast and partly to the GAs coast which was forty years earlier to the mentioned date.

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Adding that Highlife left the shores of Ghana to Nigeria in 1938 by the Cape Coast Sugar Babies and then in the 1950’s by ET Mensah

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