Bathing with a child is a crime – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

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bathing with a child is a crime

Legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw says parents who bath with their children in the bathroom n*ked should be taken on by the Police and questioned.

According to him, some children are smart and some are also ignorant and would use things they see as “case study”.

“It will be improper for any man or woman to bath with a child n*ked. The men and women who bath in the presences of their children to should know it is a crime. How can you a man bath with your 8year old daughter or a woman bath with your 8year old son and show your private parts to them. You are corrupting and spoiling the child.”

The legal practitioner told Akrobeto on “The Real News” which shows on UTV that, dancehall artist should be called for questioning for displaying his part on social media whether it was he’s mobile phone or not.

The controversial lawyer explained that,

“anyone who walks with his/her body or private part showing should be taken on for confusing people on the road side. You can show your private part in your room to your wife or husband but not to the public”.

The legal practitioner, made his point and urge on the Police to pick Shatta Wale up and investigate him.

Watch Lawyer Maurice Ampaw above:

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