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In Ghana, the Kotokoli come from the northern part of the Volta Region in Kuoe. Kuoe shares a border with Togo with a small river of the same name separating it from Togo.

The Kotokoli live in the West African countries of Togo, Ghana and Benin. In Togo, they are concentrated in towns such as Sokode, which is located along one of Togo’s ancient caravan routes.

Sokode, meaning “too close,” derived its name because the town was frequently isolated by barriers built by tribal groups trying to control the caravan trade.

The Kotokoli emigrated from what is now Burkina Faso into the Sokode region during the 1600s and 1700s. They arrived as a confederation of Gurma chiefdoms. Even today, the Kotokoli chief, or Uro, still resides in Sokode.

Tem (Temba), or Kotokoli (Cotocoli), is a Gur language spoken in Togo, Ghana, and Benin.

Polygyny (having multiple wives) is permitted among the Kotokoli. However, according to Muslim law, a man must not have more than four wives. The first wife enjoys a superior status over the other wives. Each wife lives in a separate hut.

Below are 40 Kotokoli names and their meaning for your consideration.

1. Abimo Isso – If Alha permit/ By the will or wish of God

2. Chaa-mola – A man of mola

3. Chaa-kooli – A man of kooli

4. Chakifenbi – Seek for goodness

5. Deeziti – Believer

6. Disolidama – Let’s love ourselves

7. Doworo-natidti – Back is peaceful

8. Folibaazi – Start early

9. Iraa-tei – People are unwilling

10. Isso-nyina – God knows

11. Isso-rom – Innocent

12. Isso-temaa – God’s protection

13. Isso-vaale – God’s gift

14. Lakozor – Do good

15.La-ngoboo – Do to your brother/sister

16. Lanzii-nyadti – Do it to yourself

17. Lawene-nyine – Assist those who appreciate.

18. Maazi-chere – Think of tomorrow

19. Nkala-gutulu kujow – Don’t sacrifice for ingrate

20. Se-iro – Fear man

21. Slombbu – An orphan

22. Solingobu – Love your neighbor

23. Suuru – Patience

24. Suuru-chaakaza – Patience is good

25. Tuuma-movoonya – Insult me, but I shall follow you

26.Beemor- Issor  God’s  Will

27.Ayerner – Joy

28.Kazorlando – Good doer

29.Arziki – Wealth

30.Sorlem – Love

31.Sorlezamor – Love people

32. Senado – Helper

33. Nkatekina – Don’t touch

34. Nkaforose – Don’t spoil (destroy)

35. Signa-Issor – Be with God

36. Issor- Wordoorma – God is enough for me

37. Weena- Issor – Cry to God

38. Talena-Issor – Leave to God

39. Senado – Helper

40. Maazi – Kifendti  Think goodness

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