Bill Gates hosted nude pool parties and ‘got drunk easily’ insider exposed the Billionaire

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Bill Gates

It should be recollected that Bill Gates and wife Melinda announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage in May,2021. That event, sparked and dragged a lot of criticism which affected both parties.

According to an insider, in Microsoft’s early days in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Bill Gates had an addiction to partying.

On different occasions at nights where he wasn’t working his usual 17-hour days, he was reported to have invited friends and dancers from local all-nude nightclubs to swim naked at his Laurelhurst bachelor pad overlooking Lake Washington (James Wallace, who wrote two biographies on Gates, said).

Wallace spoke further, he said,

Gates himself rounded up the girls and brought them over there, I don’t know if he physically transported them or if he just told them where to show up.”

Bill Gates

While an open opinion has been severed in different publications about the rich billionaire, one could rightly say that Bill, preferred to keep his romantic options open while he was dating Melinda, and he struggled to commit to her.

Bill wanted to be married, but he didn’t know whether he could actually commit to it and have Microsoft,” Melinda said of the time they were dating in an interview for the Netflix docuseries “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.

In a statement, Gates’ spokesperson said,

“It is extremely disappointing that there have been so many lies published about the cause, the circumstances and the timeline of Bill Gates’s divorce. The rumors and speculation surrounding Mr. Gates are becoming increasingly absurd and it’s unfortunate that people who have little to no knowledge are being characterized as ‘sources.

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