Why are people tagging my songs funeral songs? – Bisa Kdei Questions The gods

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Bisa Kdei, Media

Highlife musician Bisa Kdei has some time now been trending alleging that the media has been paid to stop airing his music.
The award-winning musician took a swipe at the media ‘for neglecting him’ when answering a question on why he is not getting the needed attention from the media in a Twitter Q&A with his fans.

Explaining how the tweet got online, the ‘Mansa’ hitmaker said his PA tweeted that without his approval.

Bisa Kdei said he was on set and had handed over the Q and A session to his PA. He disclosed that he had given a specific answer to his PA to write as a response.

“It’s an agenda. They have taken some money to do that. If you love my music keep loving it. The media is fake,” he said.

In a recent interview with Veteran radio presenter and disc jockey, Andy Dosty on HitzFm, Bisa Kdei seem to have so many questions for Ghanaians.

The musician asked listeners and industry people who actually tagged his songs as funeral songs and why people think his songs are funeral songs when he has lots of hits he believes are not funeral songs.

Why are people tagging my songs funeral songs? Daddy Lumba has a funeral song. I do not. Why am I tagged as an artiste who does funeral songs when I do not have one? However, the tagging really isn’t a problem to me.

Bisa Kdei has a new song which features Ghana’s hottest and controversial Sista Afia. Titled “Ofie Nipa”, which in the song translates to English as “The Close One”, Bisa Kdei talks about how people close to us can easily destroy our dream.

In the song, Bisa Kdei talks about how he wishes not to step out to meet trouble, but then realizes even indoors, trouble an still locate him with people around him.

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