Blame Award Schemes For Bad Songs – Mr Logic

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Mr Logic

Emmanuel Barnes, known in showbiz as Mr Logic who is the Head of Ghana association of Song Writers, has revealed that music award schemes here in Ghana are to be blamed for the increasing number of songs with bad lyrics.

According to the producer and song writer, Mr Logic, award schemes are to be blamed for the kind of music that artistes churn out lately.

Over the years most music producers and veteran musicians have complained bitterly over the kind of music that is available on the market, especially with the lyric content.

In view of this Mr Logic, is of the view that, Mr Logic believes that the current music scheme rewards only popular songs, which compels up and coming artistes to record vulgar songs with the sole aim of becoming popular.

Over the years we have all reviewed the system of music that we all have in Ghana, you’d have to have a popular song for you to be acknowledged in a form of an award”, He said

All the award schemes are all focused on one method and this method is encouraging the artistes who are coming to produce contents that will be popular or get them to fame and they don’t see that doing a good song gets you awarded”, he added.

Mr Logic further lamented on the award schemes and how they encourage these bad songs with bad lyrics.


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