Bolgatanga men have healthiest s*x life – Research


A research conducted by a team of scientists in the country (in 2016) has revealed that men in Bolgatanga, capital Upper West region have the healthiest s*x life, because they have no issues with their prostate.

Interestingly came across a publication made in 2016 by The Chronicles Newspaper and it stated that, the research, led by Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, a research professor of prostate cancer and Holistic Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine who also double as the director of Men’s Health foundation Ghana, the national peak body of prostate cancer set out on an awareness adventure project in the Upper East region. Along the way made some astonishing discoveries.

“As a holistic medical practitioner in prostate cancer, a lot of the work that I do day in and day out is helping people to make positive lifestyle changes. There is a lot of focus on changing diet and exercising,” says Dr. Nyarkotey

According to Dr. Nyarkotey, it was this challenge of helping his prostate cancer patients find long-lasting success with a healthy lifestyle that prompted Dr. Nyarkotey to explore new panoramas in food and nutrition and share his story with others.

Dr. Nyarkotey was amazed himself because of what he saw in the men after the screening at Bolgatanga at Health first laboratory. According to him 100 men were projected to benefit from the free testing after they received expert talk on the disease. The testing was an informed decision. 65 men were provided a special form designed by FC Tanga division one football club initiators of the project to go in for the testing and those who did not have the form were also made to go for the testing for twenty cedis. The methodology involved two approaches: ultrasound and PSA. The testing involved prostate ultrasound using the trans-abdominal approach: where men have to drink more water to fill their bladder to provide acoustic viewing of their prostate before assessment to check the volume or weight of their prostate size. A prostate size of 1.5- 40grams is considered to be in the normal range.

The research also looks at blood sample to check their Prostate specific Antigen in their blood.

“Although the PSA is not specific to tumor but organ specific we use it for prostate health assessment to also see what is wrong with men prostate health. The prostate gland produces the PSA for several beneficiary purposes and not necessary as a response to cancer. The PSA for prostate cancer is a very controversial subject for screening but the best marker for the cancer monitoring or progression for those diagnosed with the disease. A PSA baseline of 0-4ng/ml is considered normal or low risk of prostate cancer. So the higher the PSA the higher your chances of getting let say prostate cancer but it could also be any other prostate condition. Controversy also exists for the cut off range for black men.” he further explained.

The test was for men 40 and above. His result revealed no man in the region had a prostate size above 40grams to be considered for Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) leading to prostate enlargement. The highest prostate size in the region amongst the 100 men was 38.2grams. The highest age of the men who came for the testing was 65years. The lowest prostate volume was also seen in a man in his sixties-3.2grams.

“Interesting enough about 90% of the men are also okay with their urinary health. But anyway, the men are okay with their s*x life they still wanted something to be done about their s*x life.” He added.

Dr. Nyarkotey believes there are valuable lessons to be learned from the Bolgatanga diets that he code named the cold spots he travels to for his prostate cancer awareness project. Along his journey, he shares a collection of observations, tips, and research highlights that can easily impact Ghanaians way of eating, no matter where they live.

“It was also fascinating to see how cow meat is revered in that culture. Cow meat is in all meals. The cows are grass fed, so they’ve eaten healthfully. These free-range cows have a healthier fat composition with higher omega-3 fatty acid content.”

Dr. Nyarkotey sums it up.

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