Born Again Lord Paper Asks Fans To Delete His Ponographic ‘Awurama’ Video From Their Devices.

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Lord Paper
Lord Paper

Michael Takyi-Frimpong popularly known as Lord Paper is a Ghanaian soul, afrobeat and hip hop musician, who was recently in the news for running to Bishop Charles Agyin Asare has asked his fans to delete his explicit videos from their devices.

After gaining mainstream recognition within 24hrs of the release of his explicit video ‘Awurama’ which was too much for our eyes(you know what I mean) has asked all who are in possession of the video to delete the video.

For a Lord who owns a Paper one was astonished as to how and why the North K artiste trended on nudity with that kind of name. But as the saying goes, ‘The rejected stone shall surely become the builder’s corner stone’. It seems that all those trends are in the past now.

Musician Lord Paper, was in the news last week after sharing a picture of himself and the man of God, Bishop Agyin Asare. After the holy meeting, it seems the North K star has found Christ after trending in 2016 with his hardcore X-rated ‘Awurama’ video.

The founder of the Perez Chapel international has really been a beneficial one to the rapper as he promised not to release explicit music and videos.

Lord Paper revealed in an interview with Dave Hammer that he suffers spiritual attacks and nightmares due to his nude lifestyle.


According to the rapper, the man of God has really taught him a lot of things in life and how he can use his craft to the profit of the God.

“God allows you to go astray so that you can understand the true meaning of his love, if you have experiences in the world you can have experiences to understand so many things”, he said.

The interviewer further asked the rapper what he was going to do about his past, especially with the most talked about video.

“I have said it many times, i don’t want that video to be part of me, i have deleted it from my life so anyone who has the video should delete it”, he added.

It looks as if all the Lords who have surfaced in the music industry are turning to the ways of the Lord. From Lord Kenya to Lord Paper.

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