BROKEN HEART! Five BIG Lies That Medikal And Sister Derby Told Each Other

Oh Yes! Most men lie, but women lie too – Sister Derby and Medikal have both been deceiving themselves with this thing called love and have told big lies in the past, it is not as though this is the first time a man like Medikal is currently enjoying another ‘Fella’s juju body‘ after making gallant promises.

We can recall some lies that Medikal and Sister Derby told each other to make Ghanaians believe all was well between them, when actually it wasn’t- hell with that feeling.

After the release of ‘Too Risky’, the then couple was among one of the most enviable couples in the showbiz/entertainment industry. You can’t take the promises they made to each other in their interviews away from them. But it appears they were both lying to each other, the promises weren’t real.

Take it or leave it, Medikal is now banging and genging Fella Makafui and Sister Deby isn’t cool about being an Ex to the Sowutuom cum AmG boy who has been in the headlines for being the ‘hard guy’ of our time.

Now, let’s recall some of the lies Sister Derby and Medikal both told each other. There are several of them, but these five would really trigger your brains to question ‘what went wrong?’.


  1. MEDIKAL told me I looked 18 – Deborah Vanessa

We all knew that was a lie, Medikal was lying right there but we believed it because many argued out that age was just a number. But now the 8yrs difference between Medikal and Sister Derby is actually not a number, it is a barrier.

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2. Medikal will marry me – Sister Deborah

Well, this is not to say Derby was dumb, but this was another lie. It was going to be very difficult for Medikal, a young blood to marry someone as old as Derby, but she fell for the sweet words of the rapper. Little did the rapper air in an interview that he might not marry soon – lol.

3. Sister Derby And I Are Cool, Things Are Working Out Smoothly – Medikal

After telling the world about how his relationship was taking a nose dive in February, MDK came back to throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians just so we’d believe they are cool but down there ‘nowhere cool’. It is quite evident that their inability to condone each other forced Medikal to denounce his intentions on marrying Derby.

4. Sister Derby Doesn’t Know How To Cook, But I Love Her So – Medikal

In August, AmgMedikal in an interview on Joy FM told the world how bad a cook his ex, Sister Derby is but he is cool with her despite this flaw. Yo! We all knew a way to a man’s heart was his stomach, but MDK wanted to modify that fact until Fella Makafui’s cooking skills stole Derby’s man.

5. BREAKING!!! Sister Derby Is Pregnant For Medikal

Well, how can we blame readers, but definitely this was a stunt but any of the two as one was trying so hard to keep the other. Then again, it became the biggest joke in their relationship.

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As it stands now, MDK has moved on, and Sister Derby is still an ex, leaving Fella Makafui as the current bed mate of the rapper.

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