Bullet Gave Me Ghc2000 Out Of Ghc39,999 Profit He Made From My Daughter’s Concert – Ebony’s Father

Nana Opoku Kwarteng

Father of the late Rufftown records’ queen Ebony, Mr Opoku Kwarteng has finally revealed how much he was given as Ebony’s share from the concert.

Let’s take you back to the aftermath of Ebony’s death. We woke up to news from the camp of Rufftown records, as the CEO of the record label, Bullet revealed that a concert was going to be staged to honour his artiste and create a foundation for Ebony. Till date the purpose of this foundation is unknown and how far it has gotten to is not certain with lots of us yet.

Fast forward, Ebony’s father has come out to reveal how he was cheated by Bullet though he seems not to be worried over the money, he has put out the figures as they are.

We gather that Kasapreko allegedly gave Bullet Ghc90,000(Nine Hundred Million) for the concert and funeral, can you imagine? Well, the gist doesn’t end there, Ebony’s father has come out to say he knew nothing about the monies that were given to Bullet by sponsors and whatever that went into the concert but his crosscheck from Kasapreko indicated that the money had been given to Bullet.

“The funds they raised, I was only told so I demanded for accountability. I also wanted to be sure because rumours had it that Kasapreko had given me 90,000ghc for the concert and funeral, which they announced. So I approached Kasapreko for clarification if they have given me that amount of money, which I didn’t know of”, he told Mike Two.

In an interview with Mike Two on Adom FM last Saturday, Mr Opoku Kwarteng hinted that he called on Bullet to render accounts. He admitted that he was surprised when Bullet showed him a photocopy of a cheque of Ghc 39,999(Three Hundred and Ninety-Nine Million) which was for the profits made from the concert.

“From the concert, all I know is after the deductions that were made by Kasapreko I was showed a photocopy of a cheque worth Ghc 39,999”, he added.

The most interesting part of it all is, Ebony’s dad revealed that Bullet gave him Ghc 2,000 as Ebony’s share from the concert.

“But Bullet brought me Ghc2,000. I have made my life, I have my own money my daughter’s money won’t add up to mine”, he revealed.

According to the father of Ebony, he had no option than to take the money and inform Ebony’s mother on what he had received as their daughter’s share.

What is your take on this?

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