No Accra artist is Bigger than me but their works are -Cabum says

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Hiplife rap star and son of highlife legend, Alhaji K. Frimpong, Cabum has stated that no artiste in Accra is better or bigger than he is in music but the work they have done in music are. He made this comment on Solid Fm‘s ‘ Entertainment Edge’ show last Saturday.

Cabum, who is also a music producer said he is currently basing in Accra because he wants to face the competition up there. He further said Kumasi artistes were no more recognized like they used to be because the Media in Kumasi have failed to sell the Kumasi brand. They are always playing songs of Accra and that of Nigerian artistes but play songs by Kumasi Artistes intermittently.

He explained that in Accra, they normally play much of music made by Accra based artistes unlike Kumasi. He also spoke about the fact that Kumasi artistes are better than that of Accra and if they are given the maximum support, will do better than Accra artistes.

He then ended by saying, since he came to Accra, he has been able to make quite a name for himself and he still thriving to put Kumasi out to all and sundry.

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