Check Out 5 Things A Man Should Learn In Life (Photos)

Every day there is a man who also attends my gym. He signs in as “Superman”. He is a massive, built man.1 min

Every day there is a man who also attends my gym. He signs in as “Superman”.

He is a massive, built man.

He always wears tight superman shirts that look close to exploding. (Lesson 1: Wear clothes that fit you.)


He weighs close to 300 lbs; it’s almost all muscle. Lifting weights comes naturally to him. (Lesson 2: Find your strengths.)

I’ve gotten to know him over the years. He is very friendly and is actually successful. He has found a career promoting nutritional supplements as well as competing in natural bodybuilding contests (Lesson 3: Monetize your strengths.)

In his most recent contest, he lost to a guy who was clearly smaller and less muscular than him (I saw pictures). I asked him how he felt about it (I would have been pissed). He was completely cool. He said he congratulated the other guy and moved on. (Lesson 4: Take a loss like a man.)

I’ve seen “Superman” at my gym bench pressing over 500 lbs, squatting 700 lbs and deadlifting 800 lbs.

On one occasion, he was struggling under the bar, and was about to get stuck under the bench. I ran over to help him. (Lesson 5: Know your limits.) The weight on his bar totaled 530 lbs, to the dot. He was on his 2nd or 3rd rep too. Why he did this without a spotter, I don’t know.

His arms are bigger than my legs. He could probably crush me like a pea if he wanted to.

This is easily the most powerful man I have ever met.
But he ain’t no superman.

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