Check Out Top 4 Playlist On Spotify For Students

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After years of “Spotify’s unavailable in Ghana,” Ghana has finally got Spotify and the service has some really well put-together playlists.

In fact, if you’re looking for some focus music to keep you going this exam season, look no further than these 5 playlists.

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1. Brain Food


This playlist features hundreds of lyric-free songs all in one place. It’s described by it’s curator as hypnotic electric the songs are really stimulating. You won’t get bored, and there are no lyrics so you won’t get distracted either.

2. Chill Tracks


Chill Tracks is also an electronic playlist, but it’s more calming and some of the songs do have lyrics. The playlist will keep you relaxed while you study.

3. Totally Stress Free


Totally Stress Free is a five-hour plus playlist that takes the stress out of studying. It’s a Spotify original and the songs make perfect background music for your studies.

4. House Focus


Another playlist by Spotify, this one is 8 hours long and is described as Instrumental House. The songs have no lyrics and will keep you focused enough, but never dull. Spotify is free to download on Android and iOS, and you can listen for free on the standard version of the app.

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