CONFIRMED: Idris Elba Will Not Be The Next James Bond

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Idris Elba
Idris Elba

There were rumors that for the first time a black was going to play the role of James Bond in the next James Bond movie to be shot, but Idris Elba has denied the rumors.

It was reported earlier this month by several news portals that the British actor Idris Elba who is also a DJ and Musician, was going to star in the next James Bond movie that was going to hit the market.

However, the actor left James Bond fans shaken and stirred with just one two-letter word on Wednesday.

Idris Elba who was attending the premiere of his directional debut, Yardie, was interviewed by Good Morning Britain where he denied the rumors.

When a reporter for Good Morning Britain asked Elba if she was looking at the next James Bond. Idris replied, ‘No’.


Don’t be too bummed out, Elba-as-Bond dreamers. Sure, the actor could be saying he won’t play the role, but he could also be saying he hasn’t yet signed anything, or that Craig is still the current and next Bond, since he has one film remaining. Or maybe he just wanted to get in practice as a good super-spy, and believes in keeping one’s big plans secret.

We will keep you posted.

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