Convicted Ghanaian Footballer, Kwame Bonsu, has been released

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Kwame Bonsu

Ghanaian footballer Kwame Bonsu, who was jailed in Sweden on accounts of rape and assault has been released after serving one year and a month in prison.

Kwame Bonsu who played for Gefle IF in Sweden was sentenced by a Swedish court to a two-year term in prison after her wife took her to court for raping and assaulting her, but his sentence was reduced to a year and he has been freed.

Information has it that a Swedish woman named Maria Magnusson who was married to Kwame Bonsu framed him up to amass his wealth. He first met Maria in 2014 when he was playing in the Southern Swedish city of Mjobi. They married the following year.

A few months after the wedding, he signed a transfer to the town of Gävle, located about 300 kilometers away from Mjölby. The victim said the rape and beatings took place in the couple’s apartment during an evening in November 2015, when he had refused to let her out.

Bonsu repeatedly denied the charges, but testimonies from his wife’s relatives led the court to believe the victim’s claim.

Kwame Bonsu has returned to Ghana as a result of the deportation suit that backed the sentence.

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