Crazy Shatta Fan Tattoo’s Artwork Of Shatta Wale’s Reign Album On Her Breast

Shatta Wale’s fans are the best, you can argue that out. This shatta fan, whose name is yet to be revealed has done something that no shatta fan has been able to do, and this might seem crazy, but to Shatta it is loyalty.

First was a statue that a fan who is a student at Takoradi Technical University made to honour shatta.

Well, it appears that this shatta fan has taken the definition and act of loyalty to the next level.

Though it might sound crazy, yes, it is the mad love a fan can show to a champion like Shatta Wale. The lady in question has tattooed the artwork of Shatta’s yet to be released ‘Reign’ album on her breast.

Check this out:

Shatta Fan
Fan Tattoo’s Artwork of Reign Album on Her Breast
Shatta Fan
Shatta Fan Tattoo’s artwork

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