Creative Arts Industry Will Do Better Under A Private Entity Than The Government – Socrate Sarfo

Socrate Sarfo
Socrate Sarfo

Legendary filamaker, Socrate Sarfo has cried out that the creative arts industry will do better if its being managed by a private entity that has no ties with the government.

Socrate Sarfo who doubles as the director of creative arts, responsible for programs and projects at the National Commission on Culture has stated that the Ghanaian creative arts industry will be better managed by the private sector and not the government.

Speaking to Hitz News, Socrate who is also a movie producer opined that slow growth of the arts industry is because its being managed by the government.

He stated that the monopoly on the side of government is a major hindrance to the growth of the industry which has caused the industry to be more of a propaganda material than a creative one made of free minds to enhance development.

“I will always push for the private sector when it comes to arts. The moment Government sets in it controls whatever is put out there then it becomes a propaganda material, but when the individual is allowed and supported to express himself then you can see true arts, and this is where government will then take it and promote that arts”, captured.

Socrate added that by so doing, various projects that will only be supported by government will attract tourists hence the need to leave the creative arts industry in the hands of individuals.

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