Creative Arts Persons In Ghana Are Doomed – Rex Omar

Rex Omar
Rex Omar

Veteran HighLife musician, Rex Omar says life is not easy in Ghana for people who are creative since the structures have been set-up in a way to ridicule creative art person.

The creative art industry has been suffering from promise and fail enigma that one finds it hard to understand why leaders and politicians for that matter fail to deliver when it comes to issues concerning this very industry.

According to Rex Omar who is a board Chairman at GHAMRO, not many investors in the country are ready to invest in the industry and support creative minds.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s DayBreak Hitz, he emphasized on the fact that the focus of creativity hardly shifts from musicians meanwhile, there are other areas equally productive as that pursuing music.

“There is one aspect of development that we are neglecting. Here in Ghana if you are blessed with the talent of creativity because of our backwardness, you are doomed! Actor, Musician, poet, whatever you are, you are doomed. Society abuse our work, they waste your time and want more from you”, he told Andy Dosty.

Rex Omar added that the attitude of Ghanaians trying to investigate the life of a musician or a creative person is the reason for our setback. Unlike other professions; Doctors, Lawyers, Pastors and Teachers aren’t eye-watched as compared to creative arts persons.

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