From Crime To Christ: Rapper Joe Frazier Becomes Born Again

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Joe Frazier
Joe Frazier

Ghanaian hip-life musician, Joe Frazier, popularly known for his ‘Right now’ and ‘Shiishii’ songs, has finally given his life to Christ after listening to a sermon.

Rapper Joe Frazier said he gave his life to Christ after watching a sermon delivered on television by the leader of Bohye Prayer Center, Elder Bismark Amoah.

“I have been doing hiplife music for about 17 years now. I have had encounters with many pastors but some of the things we do as musicians do not entice us to worship the Almighty God. Two months ago, I was watching TV and something stroked me to watch Bohye TV.

He revealed that he had tuned in one day and felt he had to watch more. According to the rapper he heard a voice speaking which compelled him to repent.

“When I tuned in, I had the feeling to watch more. I heard a voice that said whether I like it or not, I will die and after that it is either I will go to heaven or hell so I decided to repent and change my ways,” the musician disclosed in an interview captured by News Hunter Magazine.

Joe Frazier reveals he is currently working on a gospel song that would be released soon.

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