D-Black Reacts For The First Time After Tape Fly On The Internet

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D-Black has reacted for the first time to his [email protected] and trending s3ktape which got the whole of Africa talking.

The Ghanaian rapper reacting to the bad news circulating about him was seen with his team from his record label, Black Avenue Muzik (BAM) exhibiting his soccer skills on the football pitch.

From the rapper’s reaction, it elucidates that he does not feel perturbed by the negative social media trends about him.

After the S3ktape leakage, D-Black refused to make any comment until earlier this morning where he made a comment on the reaction of the incident.

He took to his Instagram page to caption a new photo of his “ BAM forever”.


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In other news, he has released a new track with Medikal in less than 24 hours after the disgraceful act.

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