Dancehall Is Killing Highlife – Bisa Kdei reveals

Bisa Kdei
Bisa Kdei

Ghanaians have long been known for highlife and as it stands now, that is not something that we can boast of and highlife artiste Bisa Kdei has revealed why.

With more genres of music trooping in, what Ghanaians gave birth to has been ditched, accepting foreign genres that are unknown to us but we have come to accept – instead of protecting ours (Highlife).

We have, over the years, witnessed great highlife artistes produce amazing songs but the patronage by most Ghanaians is not encouraging enough hence forces investors out of the genre to focus on other commercial genres like Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Soul and Dancehall.

Contemporary highlife artise, Bisa Kdei has expressed worry about the degenerating nature of Ghana’s Highlife. According to Kdei, Ghanaians love for foreign music genres especially Dancehall is a contributing factor to the gradual collapse of Highlife.

According to the ‘Mansa’ hitmaker, instead of concentrating on and boosting what we have we are stealing genres from other countries.

“Highlife is struggling as far as Ghanaians continue to give much attention to Dancehall.” he said.

“We just have to believe in ourselves that Highlife is from us and push higher the indigenous music genre. It is only Highlife that is putting Ghana out there on the map. The Europeans want to listen to indigenous music and instruments comparably to Dancehall among others if you’re a Ghanaian artiste. How can a Ghanaian artiste sell Dancehall music better than Jamaicans?” Bisa Kdei puzzled.


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