My Desire For Sex Has Increased – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah reveals

Joyce Dzidzor
Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Former AIDs commission ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has revealed how she has in recent times been craving for sex after the demise of her third husband.

Joyce Dzidzor, currently a widow, in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show has revealed how her desire for sex has grown tighter than before.

She was recently in the news for faking her HIV status which got the whole of Ghana talking. Not so long ago did she create a stir on social media with her ex-boyfriend, Kristoff Adjei, whom she claims infected her with the virus only for the young gentleman to deceive the public with a test result to clear the air.

Well, according to Joyce, who in 2007 was tested HIV positive and became an ambassador for the Ghana AIDs commission, has explained how she often craves and feels for sex ever since she lost her third husband and has been single.

Delay asked Joyce, who according to many is bipolar, whether she has been sexually active and often horny since there have been rumours on her sleeping around with other men lately.

“After the demise of my husband i hardly felt for sex. But lately i have been craving for sex ‘gidgidigidi’, I didn’t know how that came about though. For sometime i never felt for sex and i was okay. But now, my desire has increased but i keep it cool”, she answered.

According to Joyce, lots of guys on Facebook DM her wanting to have sex with her, but she denies their request and she always protects herself during any sexual intercourse.

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