DETAILS: Mr Opoku Kwarteng Explains Ebony’s ‘Cruel’ Contract With Bullet

Mr Opoku Kwarteng
Mr Kwarteng, Bullet and Ebony

The month has been for Ebony, may her soul rest in peace. Mr Opoku Kwarteng has explained according to him how cruel Ebony’s contract with Bullet was and what Ebony was receiving.

With the issues unravelling and interviews being granted every amount of information is as important as the views and utterances of the stakeholders and individuals involved are.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on ATUU, Mr Opoku Kwarteng(aka Starboy Kwarteng) explained and gave us a hint on what the late Ebony reigns was receiving per her contract.

Recently, Bullet educated Ghanaians in his ‘9 points’ list which posed how ‘greedy’ Mr Kwarteng has been since the demise of his daughter. Well, it is factual that in the point he alleged that Ebony was supposed to be given 20% but he decided to make it 40% on the regular.

But one would ask, is it 40% of the whole amount that the artiste had to receive or what? And that is the question that Starboy Kwarteng has answered.

According to the father of Ebony who was asked if he had indeed received some money from George Britton as alleged, he admitted and explained. In his explanation, he revealed that his daughter made it known to him that she has a contract with Midas Touch.

It will interest you to know that Midas Touch, according to Ebony’s father per what his daughter told him, were receiving 50% (profits) from whatever Ebony earned. Yes, 50% on the total amount, and what happened to the remaining 50%? Starboy Kwarteng explained that this was however not stated in the document he had, but that was what Bullet told his daughter.

He claims that he called on Bullet to provide the document but his attempts proved futile.

Now to the most interesting part, the remaining 50%, according to Starboy Kwarteng was what Bullet shared between himself and Ebony from which the female singer was always given 40% as her share.

According to Mr Kwarteng, he didn’t want his daughter to move on and sign the contract but his daughter asked for his blessing for two years, thereafter she will take a bold step and make the right decision.

Well, this bold step can’t be taken now. We will keep you posted on Bullet vs Starboy Kwarteng saga.

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