We Didn’t Receive Any Money From Ebony’s Tribute Concert; Midas Touch Inc Speak Out On Revenue Scandal

Nowhere cool, Midas Touch Inc are major investors of Ebony Reigns and they have been quiet silent ever since the female celebrity lost her life and the aftermath events between Bullet and Ebony’s dad.

When Bullet said we were going to hear from his investors, Midas Touch Inc. After alleging that he has given Mr Kwarteng all he asked for but the old fellow still wants more, he reminded us of his business partners who will speak soon.

Well, all has been settled between Bullet and Mr Opoku Kwarteng, after MUSIGA and some reputable industry persons deliberated and solved the issue amicably, but all doesn’t seem to be well wit MDAS TOUCH INC.

The firm once disassociated themselves from Bullet – Starboy Kwarteng’s feud, but from the press release we chanced on, we noticed that they claim they are yet to receive proceeds from Ebony’s tribute concert and other investments.

Midas Touch Inc has released a press statement to dispel the notion that they benefited financially from the various activities after the demise of Ebony Reigns. 



We have noticed a level of misrepresentation within a section of the media with regards to our contract with the late Priscilla Opoku – Kwarteng (Ebony Reigns) and our engagement in the various activities before, during and after her burial. It has become necessary we make this clarity following a series of interviews granted to some media houses by Mr. Kwarteng, father of the late musician. By this statement, we wish to state the facts as follows;

  1. In April 2016, Midas Touch Inc. entered into a three-year tripartite agreement with Ruff Town Records, represented by Ricky Osei Agyemang (Bullet) and Ebony Reigns, then an up-and-coming musician.


  1. Midas Touch Inc. was responsible for funding the entire Ebony Reigns project. Our responsibilities extend to providing her with transportation, accommodation, and every other thing to make her comfortable to enable her to focus on her career.


  1. Ruff Town Records served as the management company responsible for grooming, recording, booking and executing the promotion of all works by the musician.


  1. Midas Touch Inc. was entitled to 50% of all revenue generated from the project and the other 50% went to Ruff Town Records and the musician, Ebony Reigns.


  1. When the musician, unfortunately, passed on, Midas Touch Inc. did not play any role, directly or indirectly in all business dealings before, during and after the burial of the late musician. Midas Touch Inc. only made a cash donation to the father through Ricky Osei Agyemang (Bullet) to help in giving Ebony Reigns a befitting funeral.


  1. Midas Touch Inc. did not receive any amount of money being its share of proceeds from the Ebony Tribute Concert, official funeral cloth or any other activity related to her burial. Though we are yet to recoup our investment, we were saddened by the passing of such a great talent and didn’t perceive it as a money-making an opportunity, hence, opted out of such activities.


We wish to dispel the notion that Midas Touch Inc. benefited financially from the various activities after the demise of Ebony Reigns. That is not the case and we appeal to all persons peddling this falsehood to refrain from that.

As an entity that believes in building the needed structures to reposition the Ghanaian creative arts industry, we will continue to work with all the relevant stakeholders at all times to drive this agenda.

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