“Do you think Ghana belongs to you?”- Avraham Ben Moshe causes stir as he quizzes our leaders

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Founder and leader of the Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe has come out to question leaders of the country.

Speaking in an interactive interview at a radio station earlier today, Avraham Ben Moshe boldly directed a strong question to the leaders of the country, asking them if they think Ghana belongs to them.

He said that, most of the leaders of this country are greedy individuals and are always seeking to satisfy their selfish interest first. He stated that, some of our leaders use state funds to meet their own selfish needs.

He also added that, our leaders do not pay attention to the needs of ordinary Ghanaians which is not fair.

Avraham Ben Moshe also wondered how these selfish leaders try to fill their own pockets and allow Ghanaians to go through all sorts of difficult situations in their daily lives.

Some you (our leaders) are selfish and greedy people. You always try to satisfy your selfish interest before you think of ordinary Ghanaians. Some of you even use monies that are meant for the development of the country to feed yourselves.

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand when I think about such things. Do you think Ghana belongs to you?”, he questioned.

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