Don Little Plead With Government To Support Short People Like His Caliber Else They Won’t Vote

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Don Little
Don Little

Ghanaian actor and comedian Steven Atanga, who is known well as Don Little is pleading with the government of Ghana to come into the aid of short people like his caliber in the country.

According to Don Little, short people in Ghana goes through a lot of strees in their daily activities because of their stature. In an interview with Kwaku Manu which was monitored by, Don Little stated emphactically that short people like his caliber are not capable to do things like how every normal person would do but they must be treated as human beings because they are also a creation from God.

when it comes in terms of work, they don’t get employed because most firms/companies thinks that short persons like him have no capabilities to work to the satisfaction of the company.

These and more other problem has been a burden to him and his kind of persons in the country and due to that he has called on the government to find a solutions to it else they will not vote.

Don Little again suggested that the government should set up an association for them so that anytime any of them needs help, they can attend to theirselves within the association.

“Our type of people really need help from the government. I have realized the government does not show concerns about us. At least we need an association that can help us if we are in need, or the government should employ us in places like the Toll Booth, Flagstaff house, Airport and so on and we will prove to him that we can do the job better. People like us can’t do construction works.

Am fighting for myself and my bretheren because am a public figure. If we don’t see any action from the government, i will set up a demonstration team in Kumasi and Accra to go on demonstration and ignore this years election”.

Don Little said this in the Ghanaian local dialect (Twi)


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