“Don’t be deceived by your Prophets” – Prophet Kofi Oduro goes wild on our President

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The Founder of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has cautioned the President to be wary of so-called prophets within his circles. According to him, the messages from these prophets are not from God and could mislead the President into failure and shame.

Prophet Dr. Oduro remarked that recent proclamations by these prophets about politics and governance are prejudiced with their personal biases. He stressed that God’s choice of the next leader in this country is yet to be known to any man or prophet of God, adding that the truth shall prevail for Ghanaians to know the deception in their messages.

“What your prophets are telling you are not from God. They put you in rooms and proclaim that God has chosen you… time will tell whom God has chosen,” he said.

But Prophet Dr. Oduro was troubled by the trend of leadership and associated crisis that had befallen the nation under President Akufo Addo’s government. He scored that thievery, murder and other heinous crimes have dominated in the country because of the greed and exploitation some officers in government have for the positions they occupy.

He reminded President Akufo Addo of a covenant he had with God, adding that there shouldn’t be any room for him to fail God. Prophet Dr. Oduro charged that the President to prove that he remains committed to God’s ways and shall ensure that his government is devoid of rot, and sin against the people.

Kofi Oduro

“With all due respect, you cried onto this God. When everybody said you couldn’t be a president, Your Excellency God proved them wrong. Therefore you cannot fail this God.

“When I look at the things that are going on in your government, I see there is no fear of God. People are killing others to rob them of their wealth because your people are looting from the state,” he emphasized.

Prophet. Dr. Oduro added that happenings in the current government cast doubt about the efforts taken to make the nation prosperous.

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