Don’t Date A Man Who Is Not Working – Actress Baby Blanche warns

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Baby Blanche
Baby Blanche

Screen goddess, Baby Blanche has warned her fellow women to reject proposals from men who don’t work since they won’t be able to provide their needs.

The ‘no panty’ advocate and ‘hot fork’ star is of the view that a man should provide the needs of a woman and his family as a whole.

During a discussion on ADOM Tv with Tima Kumkum, Baby Blanche said a lady can help her husband financially when she the need arises but it is the sole responsibility of a man to carter for the family.

“Your money is our money but my money is my money. If I want to support my husband, I do that out of love but it is not mandatory to take care of the home because it is the right of the man to do so.” she said.

She made the assertion her fellow women shouldn’t date a man who is not working.

“If you are a jobless man, don’t propose to me. Don’t ever date a man who is not working.” she added.

The actress aired that she is not talking about poor guys but rather, she’s advising men out there to work since she will be assured that something would come home at the end of the day.


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