I Don’t Look Out For Beauty – E.L On His Kind Of Woman, It’s Not Berla Mundi

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Most of us thought E.L all this while was seeing(dating) presenter, Berla Mundi, but it turns out to be the opposite as the rapper stated his relationship status as being single.

Rumors had it before that E.l and Berla Mundi were obviously seeing each other some time before but were nulled immediately other celebrities accused Berla of dating married men.

Rapper E.l has also come out to state that he is single.

He, however, blames himself for being single till now because he hardly steps out of his house; something he intends to do often these days.

“It’s probably my fault. I don’t go out as I should, so I am trying to start doing that.”

The “overdose” hit maker indicated that to him it’s not about beauty but the attraction and connection.

E.L who was speaking on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM in Accra said “It’s not an appearance for me as much as a vibe; you know, a connection. You can meet someone who is not necessarily the most beautiful person in the world but you are attracted to that person’s mind. And even physically, there is something about that person which attracts you. I guess it is just conversation for me.”

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