Don’t sideline me” – Kwaisey Pee begs Ghanaian DJs forgetting Bloggers

Kwaisey Pee
Kwaisey Pee

Musician Kwaisey Pee who was reigning the days Blogging wasn’t much effective today is begging Ghanaian DJs to play his songs as he takes a turn back to the music scene, forgetting Bloggers are those who make songs trend this days.

Well, struggling Kwaisey Pee has been able to gather momentum as he has pleaded with Ghanaian DJ’s to remember him as well as his songs whenever they’re doing musical selection.

The singer on Sunday 24th February 2019 organized a meet and greet session with Ghanaian DJ’s and presenters at his apartment in Accra. Addressing the audience, Kwaisey Pee said that;

“There’s some perception about brand Kwasiey Pee as an artist some of the Disk Jockey didn’t want to play Kwasiey Pee’s music because they thought he was supposedly arrogant”. He said.

“I want to sincerely apologise to all Ghanaian DJ’s, presenters, colleagues, industry players et al”. He begged.

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