Don’t Support Your Own, Put Yourself First – Manifest urges


Renowned rapper, Kwame Ametepee Tsikata best known to many as Manifest has literally rubbished the idea and support your own agenda rather asked musicians to put themselves first.

In the need to patronize and promote local content from Ghana, many have called for Ghanaians playing and consuming 80% of anything Ghanaian. Others have expressed opposing views to this ‘better’ campaign that seeks to boom the entertainment/creative arts industry.

Rapper Manifest has expressed his opinion on the issue among other voices. The rapper addressed that Ghanaians should not just say support your own but rather prioritize Ghanaian music and themselves before others.


Speaking at a dialogue that happened at the Trade Fair center, Manifest explained that the campaign must entail more than just a hashtag.

“It is an important conversation but before we can move forward different stakeholders will all have to have the same focus. Djs are saying this, artistes are saying this, where are going? If we really care, for our music to travel, for us to make a move because something happened. If we really care and it is not just because we got shamed somewhere, if we really care then we have to take the steps that are needed for things to happen.”

“What do we want as a people? If we don’t put ourselves first, we can’t move forward as a people.” He concluded.

Manifest who is a Ghanaian rapper is best known for his Afro-fashion sense and his ‘god Mc’ song which was a diss song to Sarkodie. He has been hailed over the time for his control over the queen’s language and how he puts them together to sound good on every rhythm.

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