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Rufftown recors songstress, Wendy Shay after reacting to a ‘dumb question’ by walking out on MzGee of Multimedia was heavily trolled on social media by many who claim she acted immaturely and unprofessional, whiles others came to her rescue saying that she was a novice.

After being on the receiving end of the trolls, Wendy Shay has stated that she is unperturbed by the reaction social media. The artiste in an interview with MzGee was asked ‘who is Wndy Shay?‘, unable to comprehend the singer labelled the question as dumb and walked out.

Speaking in an with another Multimedia reporter after the incident, Wendy Shay who was surrounded by her hypeman and her manager,  stressed that she was in no way worried about the numerous negative comments about her.

“I wasn’t bothered it’s part of the show businesses…. its past now let’s move on, lets look at the positive sides”, she said.

According to Wendy Shay, negative reports by the media gives her the trends hence she is not worried at all by any news that the media chooses to put out there. She added that they are doing their business and she is doing their business and she enjoys her face being everywhere.

However, Wendy Shay refused to apologize to the Multimedia journalist, MzGee after their encounter, adding that she is cool with her and would interact with her whenever they meet.

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