Ebony’s Dad To Release Ebony’s Yet To Be Released Songs – Bullet reveals

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The scandal is still on and Ricky Nana Agyeman, CEO of Rufftown Records popularly known in showbiz as Bullet has revealed that his label will not be in charge of releasing songs that were written by Ebony reigns.

Yesterday, a press release that was published online via Facebook on Bullet’s page, clearly indicated that Ebony’s father is going to be in charge of Ebony’s yet to be released songs.

Surprising huh? One would recall the banter between the father of Ebony and the manager of the late singer. Ebony’s father has been on the neck of Bullet for some time now. We reported earlier on an interview that was granted to Mr Nana Opoku Kwarteng, father of Ebony, who was heard accusing Bullet of cheating him. It didn’t end there; the father of Ebony went forth to deny having any intel on Bullet setting up a foundation for his daughter.

These reports didn’t seem to have gone down well with the CEO of Rufftown records who came out with a press statement to finally terminate and give up on anything that has to do with Ebony’s yet to be released songs.

In the press statement, the Record label averred that it is no longer interested in anything that has to do with Ebony’s songs that will be released in the future, especially those which were written by the singer herself, rather, the ones which were written by other songwriters remains their intellectual property.

Adding to that, they stated clearly that the father of the late singer will be in charge of such releases and anyone who wants to know about when such songs will be released should contact him.




Press Release

Rufftown Records wishes to announce to the fans and the general public that the record label is no more interested in releasing unreleased songs of the late Priccilla Opoku Kwarteng professionally known as Ebony Reigns who is the reigning VGMA Artiste of the Year 2018 as promised.

With this, the label will not be releasing any song from the 90s Bard Gyal. Rufftown Records owns 60% royalties of Ebony Reigns unreleased songs but we are giving away full ownership to her Father Mr Opoku Kwarteng.

All her unreleased songs that she wrote herself are owned by her father Nana Opoku Kwarteng. But the ones written by other songwriters still remains their intellectual property. If you wish to know more about when those songs will be coming out, please contact her father.

We are grateful for the love and support you have shown RuffTown Records. God bless you all abundantly.




Ricky Nana Agyeman


Rufftown Records


With Ebony’s father looking forward to inaugurate his daughter’s foundation in the coming months, will he release any song to promote the foundation? Well we look forward to that.

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