ECG, Moesha, MTN, AirtelTigo and Nyantakyi Who has been trolled the most?

ECG, Moesha, AirtelTigo, Nyantakyi

Ghana has always been a wonderful place to live. People always had a way of dealing with problems. One way of such is to troll companies, entities, institutions in the country to put them on course when they faultier. Mostly these trolls are done on social media or the traditional media. This year being a good year because of the heavy rains has also brought troubles of it’s own. The most popular were caused by ECG, Moesha, MTN, AirtelTigo and Nyantakyi with his alleged corruption related case.

The Electricity Company of Ghana has been on the Ghanaian troll list for sometime now but it seems this year is quite better than previous ones. Most Ghanaian firms, factories and work places operates with electricity (provided by ECG) to work. Where there is no electricity, production slows, leading to low productivity. This angers the populace hence they take to trolling the ECG to put them on course.


AirtelTigo is also a brand that has been on Ghanaian’s troll list this year. Almost half of social media is trolling them left, right, center and back. When they were separate, Airtel’s network was good, Tigo was even better, but since their merge, the network is nothing to write home about.


Next on the bill is the Moesha’s case. Moesha Buduong is an accomplished actress and slay queen. Ghanaians had no problem with her until her interview with the CNN went viral. Moesha said during the interview that an average Ghanaian woman cannot earn enough on their own to live the life they deserve. In view of this, they sleep with rich married men to get what they want. This made many Ghanaians angry especially women, as they literary lashed her.


Then the GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi saved the day when an exposé of him receiving bribe on multiple occasions came up, which was a work by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas. He was trolls unconditionally. Some even suggested he should be thrown into prison for the rest of his life.
These sects are not even free yet and from time to time, they are trolled.


Which of them were your favorite trolled? Leave you comments below;


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